Troubleshooting StaffCounter for Windows

Why did the employee monitoring program stop working?

Программа для контроля сотрудников.1. The employee monitoring program stopped and disappeared from the computer.

In order to check this, you need to start the task manager and check for the presence of the Windows UI auditing service process (there should be 2 of them). If they are not there, it can be assumed that the tracking program has become a victim of the anti-virus service. Any computer monitoring program can be recognized by antivirus services as malicious due to the fact that it collects information about user activities. If anti-virus programs are installed on the computer, all programs and DLL files located in the working folder of the StaffCounter program should be added to the list of their exclusions.

Программа для контроля сотрудников.2. The program for monitoring employees has not stopped but does not send data. (Windows UI auditing service process present)

If you open the working folder of the Logs program, then there are folders of people working on this computer. There are logs and screenshots that the time-tracking program writes. You can check if the computer control program is writing them now and in which user it is running. It happens that the user creates a new account for himself on the computer (often with the old name), and for the Staffcounter program it is a new employee and it will connect it to a new virtual device on the server. If the limit of new devices is exhausted, she will not connect it. Therefore, there will be nothing in the old virtual device. Then you can check the registry, the Kma7 folder, and the smpt_to parameter in the user’s subfolder. This parameter should contain a Device ID, check it with the one on the virtual device on the server, if it is different – there was a reconnection to another virtual device on the server.
If the computer tracking program is running and the user has not changed, it makes sense to check the Firewall to see if its settings have changed recently.

3. Other reasons:

You can collect a technical error report: in the system tray, click on the Staffcounter icon and select Report Problem. The StaffCounter folder will appear on the desktop. Zip it up and mail it to us.

About the overall sustainability of the program:

Any monitoring program, if desired, can be removed from the computer.
We believe that the employee is interested in the stable operation of the program and will not interfere with its operation by installing various antiviruses and other programs. On our work computers, the program works stably under the condition “No third-party programs and no third-party activity without a production need.” You can see for yourself that the lifetime of the program is proportional to the discipline of the employee.