–  Tracking working hours & Activity monitoring system.

If you need a solution for tracking computer activity in your office, we are proud to offer you our new service. StaffCounter is an online time-tracking & activity-monitoring system that allows you to monitor the quality of your employees’ work on the computer.

Available for Windows (RDS included) | macOS | Android OS | Linux

StaffCounter provides information on employees’ activities at their computers during working hours:
– timesheets and time-tracking,
– screenshots,
– web history,
and search terms.

The unique Violation Alert feature allows StaffCounter to be left running on its own and managers won’t need to constantly check the productivity of their employees online. StaffCounter will send an e-mail notification only when a problematic situation arises:
– Excessive browsing of entertainment sites.
– The use of unknown or unproductive programs and websites accounts for over 50% of working hours.

This allows managers to save time and react quickly to rule violations.


Free unlimited for 5 employees

Report storing for 40 days
Up to 15 MB per device / Up to 5 devices

Users Activity Monitoring Dashboard 
User Activity Log 
Pauses and breaks tracking 
Start and end of a working day tracking 
Application tracking 
Internet usage tracking 
Export to EXCEL 
Record of window title of an application 
Access to own performance report 
Stop/restart user monitoring 
Hide the StaffCounter icon from the system tray 

 15 days Trial of Standard account

All platforms:
- User monitoring activity log
- Filter by log
- Total work time
- Total pause time
- Timesheet
- End-2-end encryption
Windows, MAC OS X, Ubuntu:
- Time spent working with programs
- Beginning and end of the working day;
- Number and duration of breaks;
Windows, MAC OS X
- Time spent working with websites
- Time spent working with programs or websites;
- Coordinates


Activity monitoring and productivity measurement
$1 per one employee / month*

Report storing for 3 Months
Up to 800 MB per device

 All features of the Basic package
Adding departments
Screenshots (Windows, macOS, Linux)
“Smart Screenshot” Option (Windows, macOS, Linux)
Deep monitoring (Windows)
Statistics of Websites using 
Gallery of screenshots(Windows, macOS, Linux)
Employee Activity Hours 
Statistics of application usage 
Report: Productivity 
Report: Productivity by categories 
Report on working hours, lateness, and overtime 
 Productivity and application usage summary
Productivity Chart 
Search by active apps 
Breaks Reports 
General agent settings 
 The setting of the schedule of departments and holidays 
Setting the time for receiving reports by e-mail 
 The setting of Productivity Categories 
 The setting of productivity for Applications 
Permission to view the analytics of your department \ employees to other users 
Ability to download an archive of all activity 
Email reports: Violation Notices 
Email reports: Full daily, weekly, and monthly 
Email Report: Employee log 
Email Report: Internet usage 
Email report: Applications usage 
Features: Basic +
All platforms:
- Extended storage capacity and storage time;
- Estimates working hours;
- Daily usage;
- Activity from last month;
- Reports creating;
- Productivity measurement;
- Rule-breaking alerts.
Windows, MAC OS X
- Camshots
- Screenshots
Linux Ubuntu
- Screenshots


Standart features and Informational Security
$3 per one employee / month*

Report storing for 6 Months
Up to 2 GB storage per device 

All features of the Standard package
Surrounded sound recording (Windows, macOS)
Extended data storage volume and time
Features: Standard +
All platforms:
- Extended storage capacity and storage time;
Windows, MacOS
- surround sound recording
- Keylogging;
- Keystroke quantity;
Linux Ubuntu:
- Keylogging;
- keystroke quantity;
- SMS log;
- Call log and recording;
- Monitoring Skype and other IM;
- Screenshots;
- Photos, taken with the phone camera;

StaffCounter Server on-premise

Professional features on your local server
from $3900 for a whole company / lifetime license

All PRO features and data retention period without limits on your private server or cloud. End-2-End encryption included to adhere GDPR compliance. Trial time, SLA support, deployment assistance. 

StaffCounter Server features:

– Estimates working hours;
– Daily usage;
– Activity from last month;
– Reports creating;
– Keystroke quantity;
– Skype correspondence monitoring;
– Time spent working with programs or websites;
– Screenshots;
DLP features;
– File access monitoring
– Beginning and end of a working day;
– Number and duration of breaks;
– Productivity measurement;
– Rule-breaking alerts;
– Keystrokes analysis;
– Monitor Skype chats;
– Web camera shots;
– Ambient Sound recording;
– File upload monitoring;
– Invisible agent mode;
– All departments overview
– Data access audit trail
– Control over Managers
– Server Admin Panel;
– Individual web interface;
– Open source code;
– Support by phone;
– End-2-end encryption;
– Unlimited data storage


  • When registering you don’t have to give any company information, credit card number, or the real names and e-mail addresses of your employees.
  • You can add more employees to monitor at any time.
  • You can change between the paid package and back or give up the service at any time.
  • Payment will be charged on a quarterly/half-year/yearly basis for each employee that you add to the system.
  • Your account will be automatically converted to a free package when the trial period finishes or if payment is not made. a system for tracking working hours.

As long as an employee is working for you, you have to pay him or her a salary every month.
But you’re responsible for how efficiently your employees work,
and you have every right to measure it.