We assure you that the privacy and safety of our users’ information is one of our priorities for ensuring quality of service to StaffCounter’s users. For the transparency of our service, the StaffCounter for Windows application is available as open source.

The Tesline-Service company represents and warrants that:

  1. It will not make use of the user’s information which is used for providing StaffCounter services. We have the right to use, as well as to share with third parties, data used for providing StaffCounter services which is considered to be of a comparative analytical nature (i.e. information on which applications or websites are used most often). Such information cannot be associated with or linked to a specific user.
  2. StaffCounter will not release any information on the user’s computer to any party without the user’s consent.
  3. StaffCounter users will not have access to the personal information of other users or to information to which these users have not given permission.
  4. When multiple users access StaffCounter, other users of the service cannot in any way gain access to any information about other users or their data.
  5. Users may at any time delete their profiles at, which automatically deletes all data stored in the StaffCounter database.
  6. StaffCounter not does and never will store the user’s data, data entered into internet forms, or anything else without the knowledge of the user. StaffCounter stores only statistical data: the names of programs, websites, and periods of time when applications were actually used.
    The following is an example of the data which StaffCounter Agent sends to the server:
  7. The user may end monitoring at any time by clicking on the StaffCounter icon in the system tray, and the program will then stop tracking what the user does at the computer. To reactivate one’s StaffCounter account, one must again click “Resume”.
  8. Before use, StaffCounter will ask for information for creating a user profile: e-mail address, name, and surname. The user may optionally specify the workplace and the number of employees at this workplace.
  9. The StaffCounter program gathers information on use of the computer and sends this to its server for analysis over a secure HTTPS connection.

If you have any questions on anything not mentioned here, please contact us.

To ensure that our service is transparent, the StaffCounter for Windows application is available as open source.