Operational benefits from StaffCounter obtained by HR-manager

The Labor Code states: “The employer is obliged to keep in the prescribed manner records of working hours actually worked by each employee.” In modern enterprises, these responsibilities are usually performed by an HR manager.

The use of an automated program for recording staff time at computers allows optimizing and making the work of the personnel department more objective.

StaffCounter provides the ability to generate detailed reports for each employee on the total time worked at the computer, on the basis of which an HR manager can:

  • Keep track of the total time worked by each employee;
  • Control late staff;
  • Monitor remote employees;
  • Keep records of processing and overtime hours worked.

The monitoring service for workstations allows you to create detailed reports for each employee that displays the most frequently visited sites. The program also provides data on search queries on the Internet. This information will allow:

  • Prevent the dismissal of employees;
  • To be aware of the mood of the team;
  • Predict sabotage work activities.

StaffCounter compiles reports on the productivity of time spent by employees at a computer. In addition, the service can provide analysis by categories of programs used and sites visited during the working day. This data will help:

  • Rationally distribute the workload among team members;
  • Identify employees with low performance;
  • Motivate distinguished workers.

All information about the activities of the members of the working team at the office or remote computers of the company is processed in an automated way and is provided in the form of concise but detailed reports, the formation of which takes place in a matter of seconds.