Surveillance without cameras or why monitor office computers?

Reducing costs and increasing profits are the goals that every entrepreneur sets himself, regardless of the nature, volume and possibilities of his business. What is the inefficient use of staff time? Undelivered profit? Or wasted company resources?

The control of employees in one form or another at enterprises has always been conducted. A simple example of this is the timesheet. In the course of technical evolution, the principles and schemes for testing the loyalty of the team were complicated. Paper sheets were replaced by spreadsheets, in many enterprises tracking cameras, controllers and other, often expensive, devices appeared.

Most recently, the main working tools in the office were a pen, paper, and a calculator. Today, the place of these things firmly and thoroughly occupied the computer. It begins with it, it continues after it and the working day ends on it. Therefore, monitoring the computers of the company’s personnel is an effective tool for managing a modern manager. An automated system of accounting of working time provides an opportunity to control not only the time of arrival and departure of employees but also websites used during working hours, the number of typed texts, Skype communication and much more. The service for controlling the Internet activity of employees is not a panacea for all problems, but a convenient, effective and budget management tool.

The operation of the program for recording time at work computers is:

  • Alternative to CCTV. For some companies, a time tracking service can be a worthy replacement for surveillance cameras;
  • The ability to prevent disruption and sabotage workflow. The program provides data on what information the employee is looking for on the network, with whom he communicates on Skype during the working day, in which applications he types text, what documents he copies, etc. This will allow the employee to intend to “merge” information to competitors, quit or take another action disloyal to the company;
  • An objective way to identify hidden violators. Leaving the last from work does not mean working the most. Reports provided by the service will help you to find out what the company’s employees actually do;
  • Workflow optimization method. The program generates detailed schedules about delays, overworking, and also shows the total work time of the employee for the specified period. Such reports are more objective in comparison with manual time sheets.

The service for monitoring working time at computers can be used in companies of any scale and specialization, because the program assumes:

  • No need for additional equipment or staff: effective operation of the program for accounting of working time at the computer is possible without a server computer and a network administrator;
  • Hidden and explicit mode of operation: depending on the motives and preferences of the manager, the program for recording time at the computer can be set with or without notification to employees;
  • Personalized customization: setting the program, the interested person independently classifies Internet sites into categories (business, multimedia, games) according to the company profile. Further, the service for accounting of working time spreads the categories into groups: productive, unproductive, neutral. Based on this categorization, reports are generated for each employee;

Undoubtedly, the program installed on the work computers of your team will not take up questions on the organization, control, and improvement of the discipline of the work process of your team. However, it will allow making objective and timely decisions that will make the management process more efficient.