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User Activity Monitoring

Insider Threat Detection and Management

Remote Workforce Management

tracking and monitoring sensitive data access

StaffCounter is a fully automated activity monitoring system and free employee monitoring software.

The system track all data access events and creates detailed audit records for secure archival.

StaffCounter tracking Agent is available for
Windows, Mac OS, Android OS, Linux.

User Activity Monitoring Software benefits:

1. Adhere GDPR compliance with personal data security assessment
2. Real-time track of the what/where/when related to suspicious user activity with personal data
3. Digital forensics for incident response
4. Start collecting data in just a few minutes!

3 steps on how to install the StaffCounter Application in 2 minutes

Sign up

1. Sign up

To connect the StaffCounter Application on the employee’s work device with our cloud service, Email is required.

Download and install the Application

2. Download and install the Application

In order to start collecting data on the employee’s device, you need to download and install the StaffCounter Application.

Application setup

3. Application setup

On the website in the settings section, you can change the standard options of the StaffCounter Application to suit your needs.

Choose one of the three StaffCounter products and start User Activity Monitoring


User Activity Monitoring Log and Timesheet

Report storing for 40 days

Up to 15 MB per device

*** 15 days Trial of Standard ***

  • Shows the number of working hours per day
  • Detects downtime and pauses
  • Start/end of the working day monitoring
  • Timesheet



Report storing for 3 Months

Up to 200 MB per device

*** Best price ***

  • Improves discipline
  • Fixes adherence to work schedule
  • Automatically generate reports
  • Promotes workflow optimization


Employee performance analysis and information security

Report storing for 6 Months

Up to 700 MB per device

  • Fixes adherence to work schedule
  • Automatically reports violations
  • Measures employee productivity
  • Protects your information

Server - for corporate clients

from $1199 / Lifetime license
StaffCounter на вашем сервере: Контроль и конфиденциальность
– Unlimited storage history
– All data is collected on the client’s server (privacy)
– A customer receives Professional package options (Employee Productivity Monitoring and Information Security) at the price of a Standard package
Fully automated tracking
StaffCounter deeply tracks what/where/when related to personal data access.
Analysis of employee activityShows granular and total amount of time employees had access to sensitive data.
Audit disciplineAutomatic record of computer startup, employee login/logoff/unlock, idle time and turn off.
Audit reportsDefine type of reports and archival type for records of processing activities.
IdentificationRecord computer screens and take employees photo when accessing personal data.
ApplicationsRecord application process name and websites address used while working with sensitive data.

Deep tracking and access audit

Control Skype usageControl whether Skype is being used for unauthorized data transfer
Track keyboard inputMonitor commands and shortkeys used to alter sensitive information
Monitor smartphones:Track sensitive information access and transfer on mobile computers
Receive automatic alerts when rules are violated:Save your time, dont check reports every day.

StaffCounter User Activity Monitoring technology is based on deep events inspection, User Behavior Analysis engine and Data Leak Prevention modules developed by SafeJKA and approved by KidLogger for ten years in consumer market.

StaffCounter is available for computers and smartphones
running Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

According to experts, the following technical strategies may help to form your GDPR compliance plan:
– Auditing of personal data access and modifications;
– Secure archiving of audit records;
– Tracking and monitoring sensitive data access.