Time monitoring

учет рабочего времениStaff time tracking system StaffCounter will help you find out about all delays, over-workings, and will also show the total work time of an employee for a specified period. But how to find out how effective the employee worked?

  • Seven categories
    The StaffCounter service divides all applications or websites into the following categories: games, shopping, news, communications, work programs and websites, utilities, and education. For each category, you can specify one of the values – productively, neutrally, unproductively.
  • Identifying unwanted sites
    When StaffCounter detects a site or application that does not fall into any category, the system automatically assigns the value “Neutral” to this site or application and provides an opportunity to add it to one of the categories. So managers quickly identify new entertainment sites or anonymizing sites used by employees, and immediately set them to the value “Unproductive.”
  • Productivity measurement
    You yourself can refer a site or application to a specific category and determine its productivity. This will allow you to configure the system specifically for the type of activity of the enterprise or employee. For example, the application “1C Enterprise” is unproductive for designers, but productive for accountants.
  • Performance Evaluation
    At any time, you can determine how efficiently the employees worked for the specified period, whether they were late, how often they left for a smoke break. The total time spent by the employee at the computer will be divided into three categories – productive, unproductive, neutral. Noticing that one of the employees too often used the application or sites from the “unproductive” category, you will be able to study in detail the report on its activities.
  • Accurate time tracking
    The time tracking system StaffCounter can be used to calculate the exact number of hours worked by an employee if he is allowed to work remotely. After reviewing the time report, you will see how many hours the employee has worked productively. This will avoid paying for the idleness of careless employees.

The StaffCounter system helps to keep records of working time in the enterprise, and also allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your employees as accurately as possible.