Data Leak Prevention

Accounting of working hours, staff productivity and protection of information from insiders.

Service StaffCounter combines a convenient tool for personnel management and effective protection of critical data, the distribution of which can damage the company. By purchasing the StaffCounter program, you gain a reliable shield from internal ill-wishers, and you also have the opportunity to increase the level of productivity of your employees, improve discipline and develop a sense of responsibility among subordinates.

How to manage the system?

The StaffCounter DLP system is protected from deletion and modification by ordinary users. You can choose which protection options you need to enable and configure them.

All settings can be made through the Control Panel in your StaffCounter account.

Install protection right now:

System requirements:

How to enable security features?

After registering with the service and installing the StaffCounter agent, go to the General Settings and scroll down to the DLP section.

Main features of StaffCounter:

Lock USB drives (USB flash drive / SD card). Includes a complete ban on reading and writing, read-only permission, the creation of a list of allowed drives.

Lock smartphones and external drives. Enables the prohibition of writing information to disk.

Disable writing to CD \ DVD.

Prohibit writing data to network resources. Ability to create a white and black list of networked computers.

Prevent data transfer via Bluetooth to your phone or other devices.

Prevent sending documents and files through the network \ browser \ mail client \ ftp.

A ban on the launch of unknown \ outsiders \ unauthorized programs.

It is worth paying attention to some features of the module:

1. Before uninstalling the program, Rohos Logon Key and StaffCounter should disable protection, otherwise the removal of the program will be refused.
2. Before installing on Windows 7 and Windows 2008, you should install the latest security updates from Microsoft, namely the security patch Microsoft Security Advisory.

Screenshots illustrate the reaction of the system to prohibited actions in the case of a switched on system StaffCounter DLP:

Attempting to access a networked computer

Drag-and-drop data transfer attempt for DVD

Attempt to copy data to DVD

Attempt to unpack archive containing exe-file

Attempt to download exe-file

Attempt to run executable file from USB media

Attempt to write data to USB

Attempting to change settings from another account