Employee activity log on the computer

Monitoring a PC user is accounting for employee activity at a computer using the StaffCounter program. Cloud service StaffCounter keeps you up to date with what the employee does for the PC during the day. For example, these are visits to sites and work in programs and applications. Computer usage statistics are collected by the agent program and transmitted once every 10 minutes to the cloud server, where it is stored for 1 month.

In case you forgot to pay for the employee monitoring service, the system will automatically transfer you to a free mode.

How is this method of control useful for a manager:

  1. Accounting discipline in the workplace
  2. Performance monitoring
  3. Analysis of the activities of the employee for the PC for any day of the past month.
  4. Opportunity to find out what the employee worked on 10 minutes ago.
  5. The supervisor can perform the check using the Internet at any time.


Monitoring functions


  • Analysis of employee activity of site visits and work in applications
    StaffCounter demonstrates which sites the employee visited, and which programs and applications he worked on. In addition, the report gets the start time of work in the relevant programs and sites, as well as the duration of their use.

Analysis of employee activity on site visits and work in applications.


  • Timing of the working day and discipline
    The program records the time of the actual start and end of work on the computer during the day. You have access to information on each hour of user activity at the computer.

  • Activity summary for all employees
    The general table allows you to see a picture of the productivity of your office per day. You can immediately find out what time each of the subordinates began their working day, how much time was spent on breaks, and what time he finished his work. In addition, you immediately see the schedule of productivity of each employee registered in the system.

Activity summary for all employees

Convenience and benefits of monitoring employee activity

  • Accurate statistics of employee actions for the PC;
  • Displays the activities of the employee at the computer in real-time (interval of 10 minutes);
  • The possibility of a detailed study of the working day, week, or month;
  • An objective picture of the working day for the entire office and each employee.