StaffCounter Server on-premise

Keep your data strongly in-house


System requirements

Any Windows, Mac or Linux* operating system on the employee’s workstation.

On the server-side:

  • VmWare ESXi environment, VirtualBox (free) or KVM / XEN via OVA/OVF container 
  • or Azure, Amazon, Google cloud with docker container support
  • Minimum 16 GB RAM, 1 TB free disk space.


– compatible with ERP – data access via API is possible, OVF/OVA virtualization infrastructure.


– We periodically, once in 4-5 months, release updates for the server.
– In order to get server updates you need to purchase any StaffCounter Server package, after that you will get an updated version of the server.

StaffCounter Server on-premise. For the enterprise network.

Monitor how employees spend their working time over your office’s computer network.

Information is kept completely confidential with End-2-End Encryption

All of the data about employee productivity and audit trails are saved only in-house within your IT infrastructure. Additionally, all data may be protected with End-2-End Encryption, Learn more… 

All productivity data can be stored for an unlimited amount of time

The period for which activity logs and screenshots are stored is limited only by the free disk space on your server.

Save on the costs with your private cloud

You don’t need to waste time configuring and supporting the server side. StaffCounter Server is delivered as a virtual appliance for Microsoft HyperV, XEN, KVM or VmWare ESXi / VirtualBox. The virtual container is based on Linux Ubuntu 20 with a fully configured web server application and MySQL Database.

Additional tools for monitoring computers:

Log all text entered at the keyboard, audio recording, Skype monitoring. StaffCounter DLP module included to keep track of unauthorized changes in critical SCADA configuration files.

StaffCounter Server on-premise

a professional open-source SaaS software for in-house time-tracking, employee productivity monitoring, and data access audit trail.

StaffCounter Server – One-time payment, lifetime site-license


$2900 up to 200 employees / Lifetime

Open-source, 1-year updates included

Server Pro

- Unlimited employees / Lifetime

Open-source, 1-year updates included

  • Virtual container based on Linux Ubuntu 20, OVF, OVA format or Docker configuration.
  • Support  Amazon, Azure, Google cloud or any other compatible virtualization like VMware ESXi, VirtualBox, KVM, Hyper-V, XEN.
  • Web server StaffCounter is provided as open-source application in PHP/Zend Framework based on MySQL database.
  • Get 1 month demo for free | Request Demo Version.
  • Remote setup, tech. support and onsite maintenance (10 hours) – $590. Order now>.
  • StaffCounter Server 1-year updates  (optional) – $1900 order Now>