StaffCounter – real savings of material resources of the company and opportunities for increasing profits

The introduction of an automated employee time-tracking software program will help streamline business processes and reduce many of the company’s expenses.

  • Keep track of late arrivals
    10 minutes of delay, multiplied by all undisciplined employees, add up to the hours of lost time and lost profits.
  • Pay real wages
    Based on the time data actually worked by each employee, you can increase the objectivity of remuneration.
  • Identify the reasons for non-compliance
    Analyzing the performance of each subordinate, draw conclusions about a whose contribution to the achievement of the ultimate goals was minimal.
  • Simplify the process of working with freelancers
    Information on which application or program and how long the employee worked will help to make professional relationships with freelancers transparent.
  • Control employees of geographically distant offices
    The program provides data on what they do during working hours and how conscientiously employees of peripheral branches observe labor discipline.
  • Identify violations
    Information about non-compliance with internal regulations will help the manager to take action on time and avoid negative consequences.
  • Increase staff productivity
    The real picture of staff employment will provide an opportunity to perform large volumes of work.
  • Reduce time to report
    Timesheets, compiled by the program, are more objective and are compiled automatically.
  • Motivate the distinguished
    On the basis of the data provided by the service, the manager will be able to identify and stimulate employees who deserve to be rewarded, which will affect the increase in labor efficiency.
  • Prevent staff turnover
    Timely response to the data provided by the program will help prevent the dismissal of valuable employees.