My Office: Users Activity Monitoring Dashboard

This is the main page of your virtual office, where you can find an overview of the selected day and a general comparison of employees’ work.

My Office: your dashboard view of connected computers

In the top part are located:

  • Button – ability to create new sections.
  • Date of submitted data, with the ability to switch to the desired one. For example, yesterday.
  • A field to search for a device by its name.
  • Icons for quick access to reports for all employees of your company. (Reports by time, Reports by Trend, Late Coming, Summary report).

In the central part are located:

  • All devices that are connected to your account.
  • For each device, you can see at what time work began, the overall amount of working time, as well as the last time the program was paused or stopped on the device.

At a glance you can evaluate workers’ productivity at their PCs for your entire office:
– when each employee began working today;
– his/her general productivity;
the length of working time.

By clicking on the name of an employee, you are taken to a log of that employee’s activity, where you can go on to analytics and reports.

Settings for each employee

For each employee device you can make the following settings:

  • Name and Device ID Editing

Редактирование Имени и ID устройства

By clicking on the Edit icon, you can change the name of the device ad its device ID.  You can also configure mail reports, clear logs, and delete the device here.

OK – apply changes.

Cancel – Discard all changes and go back.

  • Set up sending reports by e-mail about the activities of this employee

Настроить отправку Отчётов по электронной почте о деятельности данного сотрудника
Create new report schedule.

In the Report type section, you can select the Report Type for a specific employee.

Report type.
In the Frequency section, you can choose how often you want the report to be sent to you by the specified employee.

After creating the first report, you can see a list of all your reports on this employee, as well as delete, modify, and pause each of the reports.
Mail reports.

  • Clear log history, delete a device, move an employee’s device to another department

Clear log history, delete device, move employee’s device to another department.

So, the Control Panel gives the head of the company:

  • The ability to quickly monitor the work of employees.
  • The ability to compare the work of employees among themselves and between departments.
  • The ability to add new departments and employees.
  • The ability to edit employee data and his device.
  • The ability to customize and receive reports on the activities of each employee.
  • The ability to search employee reports by name and date.
  • The ability to quickly switch to detailed reports for each employee or department.