Remote management of your office

StaffCounter – offers online time-tracking and Remote Workforce Management. You can visit your virtual office at our site from anywhere in the world and view reports on your employees. All you need is an internet connection.

Remote management of your office. Remote Workforce Management.

1. Remote Workforce Management.

Supervisors and senior managers are often away from the office. It’s well known that when supervisors are away, employees “slack off”, go on frequent smoke breaks, or spend more time on social networks and entertainment websites. The pace of your whole company drastically slows down. According to some studies, each year an employee will spend 60 hours just chatting on social networks or Skype. Employees spend even more time on entertainment sites, video hosting sites (YouTube, Video, etc.), or looking at fresh posts and pictures on social networks.

2. Easy identification of unproductive activity

Over the course of a year, unproductive activities can consume an entire month of working time. Do you want to pay for a whole month of just having fun? Take a look at staff salary expenditures for the last month – maybe you are losing so much money every year because of fans of social networking and funny videos. Your costs can be even higher if employees are often late to work, take 2–3-hour lunch breaks, or go for a smoke break every half hour. Company directors cannot track every employee, and middle management and supervisors can cover for employees who break rules.

3. Complete control over the internet

StaffCounter offers a complete overview of your employees and remote workforce management. Wherever you are, you can easily and quickly check how things are going in the office: who’s late, who hasn’t come to work at all, whether your employees are hard at work or wasting time on the internet. If you’re on a long business trip, then our system can provide you with a report on the activity of one employee or the whole company over any selected period of time.

By using the StaffCounter employee time-tracking program and remote workforce management, you can significantly improve team performance and improve efficiency in your company’s workplace.