Reports by categories

Reports by categories provide you with a graph showing the categories of applications used and sites visited (Work, Mail, News, Entertainment, Social Networks, Other, Uncategorized). This graph allows you to quickly determine what kind of tasks an individual employee or the entire department is occupied with most. You can assign sites or programs to categorize yourself. Under the graph, you’ll find the total amount of time spent working in each category.

Here you can select a date range to see a report for a specific period of time. For the convenience of working with the range selection in our calendar, you can choose to immediately display statistics for the desired week or month.

You can assign each program and website to a Category, such as Business, News, Games, etc. Сategories can be assigned degrees of productivity, so StaffCounter can calculate how productively your staff has been working.

Reports by categories.
“Total, hours”
shows how much time has been tracked with the help of Categories

“Uncategorized, hours” shows how much time has been spent on programs and websites that have not been assigned to a category. Here you should go into the system settings and bind all unknown applications and sites to the appropriate category.

Uncategorized hours.

Why are we even categorized?

The division into categories allows the head of the company to spend no more than 1 minute analyzing the performance of his company’s personnel for the current day, week, or month.

Time management of employees is an important task, but thanks to our work time management system, the manager can delegate this control to his subordinates, for example, to the head of the personnel department. The head of the human resources department can collect the reports he needs, print them out and make suggestions to motivate your employees to work better. There may also not be proposals for a penalty.

The leader must make decisions himself, our work time tracking program only indicates strengths and weaknesses in the work of your company personnel.

You can create an account right now in our work time tracking system and start monitoring the time of employees on our website.

For big companies from the point of view of cost savings and space storage of statistical data on the organization’s own server, we offer a solution – StaffCounter Server.