System requirements

  • Any Windows, Mac or Linux* operating system on the employee’s workstation.
  • On the server side: a Windows/Linux PC that can be accessed over the LAN from all employee PCs. You do not need to install any additional server software.

StaffCounter for the local network

Monitor how employees spend their working time over your office’s local network.

Information is kept completely confidential
All details of employee productivity are saved only within your office’s local network.

Information gathered can be stored for an unlimited amount of time
The period for which activity logs and screenshots are stored, is limited only by the free disk space on your server.

Save on the costs of supporting a server application
You don’t need to waste time on configuring and supporting the server side. StaffCounter LAN uses standard ways of exchanging data over the network. We’ll show you how to set up a shared folder on a Windows or Linux computer in your office that is always kept turned on.

Additional tools for monitoring computers:
Log all text entered at the keyboard, audio recording of the office, Skype monitoring.

StaffCounter Server – a professional open-source software for local time-tracking system

StaffCounter Server Standart

990$ up to 100 employees

Support of the installation by e-mail, 1 month of free updates

StaffCounter Server Pro

1950$ Unlimited version

Priority in support by mail and by phone, 1 year of free updates

  • Web server of StaffCounter is provided with open source PHP.
  • One-time payment for full-time license includes e-mail support.
  • Upgrades and maximal number of employees depend of license type.
  • On upgrade from Basic and Standard we provide you a 15% discount.
  • Get 1 month for free on