Here you can find instructions on how to solve the troubles with the StaffCounter time-tracking system. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to write to us.

1. Verify please if the StaffCounter application is running.

On Windows: perform a right-click on the taskbar and launch the Task Manager. Go to the tab Processes and find StaffCounter.exe.
On macOS X: Launch please the Activity monitor application. Find the StaffCounter application in the list of processes.
On Android device: On Android 2: Launch Menu, Settings, Applications, Running Services. On Android 4: Launch Menu, Settings, Apps, Running.
If the StaffCounter application is not on this list, it means, that it was not launched, or was stopped by somebody or by something.
If the application is running, go to article 4. If it is missing, but you know exactly, that you have launched it, go to arts 2 and 3.

2. Verify please, if any anti-virus software is installed on the computer.

If yes, it can recognize the StaffCounter application as a virus or spyware. Usually, in this case, an anti-virus application shows a notification on the screen.
If this AV application has a list of exceptions, add StaffCounter.exe(in Windows) or MAC OS X)to this list. For Android devices configure the antivirus to ignore the StaffCounter Monitoring Agent application

3. The Application was turned off or removed by the target user.

You need to launch the application and verify, is the Start button active or not. If yes, it means, that the application was stopped by the user. In the Log file in Dashboard, the last message will be “System stopped”.

4. Verify, if the Internet connection is ON.

For good sending of the log files, the computer must be permanently connected to the Internet. For Android devices, it is recommended not to disconnect Wi-Fi in sleeping mode.

5. When I make a test connection, it answers OK, but in my dashboard, there is no activity.

If the test of connection was successful, an icon of your device must become green. If it is not so, reload the page of the browser (F5 button on Windows keyboard). If even after that, this icon has not changed its color to green, it means, you insert the wrong e-mail. Try to connect again.

StaffCounter allows you to track the productivity of your staff in just 5 minutes a day.