Registering a local server

In order for the agent installations to properly work with a local server, you must enter the serial number on the main page of the administrator console on the local server. Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser and direct it to the address address_of_local_server/admin Enter the console, using the details from the Readme.txt file. Enter the registration key that you received when purchasing the local server into the field Activate your license and then click Activate. The computer that you are using for this must be connected to the internet.Registering a local server.

Open the page
Enter the license key in the lower field and click the Activate button
After some time the site produces the following result

Copy everything after “EncodedSigned:” into a text document. This is the activation key.

Next, copy the .env file from the server to your computer or open it for editing via ssh

in this file write down the license key after “APP_TOKEN=”
and the activation key after “APP_SIGNED=”

Save the .env file and move it back to the server if you did all this on your computer.

Restart the server or if it is docker based, in the installation folder run the command ./

After this, both keys will be in the activation fields in the admin panel

The server is registered.