Configuring an e-mail address for reports and notifications

To send reports and notifications, you need to configure your local server.

First, you need to enable sending notifications. Launch the virtual machine, and log into the user account using the username and password provided in the readme file. Open Midnight Commander. Find the file .env file in the /var/www/client/ or /var/www/staff/ directory and open it for editing.

Remove the variable DOMAIN_ENV=local

or assign an empty value


The local server should use an existing e-mail address. You must create or use an existing e-mail address and enter the username and password for it into the server’s configuration file.  At the end of the .env file enter your e-mail address and password. Note: mail services use different mail ports and mail host names and you have to specify them as well.

For example to connect a Hotmail mail address:


To use a Gmail address: 

  1. go to
  2. enable 2-factor authentication
  3. applications passwords –
  4. generate a new password, ex: xxxxx_2fa_pass_example

in the .env file:


In all cases, you need to change the database.

Launch the phpMyAdmin and change the Options table. Input the new email address in the support_email field. 

Save the file and restart the server (sudo reboot). To check the connection, create a report, and click on the Twitter icon.Save the file and restart the server(sudo reboot). To check the connection create a report and click on twitter icon.