StaffCounter 1.9 for Android

What is StaffCounter for Android?

StaffCounter for Android is a program for monitoring telephone activity. It logs the user’s activity on the phone and sends this data to the StaffCounter server.

Key features

  1. it monitors how long the client has worked in all applications;
  2. it logs the employee’s telephone conversations, including the number and the name of the subscriber, as well as the duration of the call;
  3. it monitors the employee’s text messages;
  4. it tracks the user’s web use, namely the addresses and the amount of time he/she spends on sites.
  5. it logs when a telephone or tablet has been connected to a computer for transferring data;
  6. it logs GPS coordinates, allowing you to trace an employee’s route over the working day;
  7. it writes all activity to a log file and sends it to the server (optional).

Installing and configuring StaffCounter for Android

Download the StaffCounter program from to the Android phone or tablet. Because this program is not offered through the Google Play app store, you must allow installation of apps from unknown sources before installing StaffCounter (go to Settings > Security > Device administration and check the “Unknown sources” option).

After installation, the StaffCounter icon will appear in the list of applications.

значок программы StaffcounterClick on it and you will be taken to the main program window:

Staffcounter для AndroidIn the main window you can start or stop monitoring with the Start/Stop button (this will always appear in the log file). The Settings button allows you to change the program configuration, connect the monitoring agent to the data.staffcounter server, and enable or disable monitoring options. By clicking on View activity log you can view the user’s activity locally without sending the log to the server.
By clicking Help, you can get help on using the StaffCounter program.

The Settings window

Here you should check the features you want to enable for monitoring. For properties that do not have a checkbox next to them, this means that another window will open with additional settings.
окно с дополнительными настройками

программа для слежения за компьютеромGo up the list of properties and click on the option Connect to If you want to have log files uploaded to the server for remote access and analysis, set the option Upload log files. Click on StaffCounter account and, in the text field that appears, enter the e-mail address which you use to log in to your user profile on As you exit the settings, don’t forget to restart the program.

Uninstalling StaffCounter from a phone or tablet

To uninstall StaffCounter, follow the standard uninstallation procedure for all Android applications. Open Settings > Applications > StaffCounter and choose Uninstall.

StaffCounter Pro KMA for Android

What is StaffCounter Pro KMA?

Extended version of StaffCounter Pro for Android client has all the features of a regular client and allows you to get advanced options for tracking mobile devices. Also, this version is able to work completely unnoticed by the user and contains a module for protection against deletion.

Differences from StaffCounter 1.9 for Android

Benefits of StaffCounter Pro KMA for Android:

  • monitoring messaging applications: SMS, Skype, Viber, etc .;
  • sending photos taken by the camera device;
  • recording voice calls;
  • remote control by SMS (instant location, call back and listening to the surrounding sounds);
  • stop protection module;
  • imperceptible to user work.

How to get StaffCounter Pro KMA?

Unlike the standard version of StaffCounter for Android, which is freely available on the Google Play Market, StaffCounter Pro KMA is available only to users of our cloud service StaffCounter Pro ($ 3 / month for each user). To get it, write to us: