Encryption troubleshooting

  1. Press the button Turn on E2EE

This button turns on and off the decryption on the web page.

2. It may be an error in decryption. Probably the browser lost the decryption key, and in this case, you need just log out and log in again.

3. If the encryption key was changed, (for example, if you changed the password in your account) then you need to uninstall the StaffCounter agent on the target computer and install it again. The old data will remain encrypted. To avoid this situation, before you change the password in your account, create a backup of the encryption keys of the https://data.staffcounter.net/profile page.

4. If it is a provided department, and this picture is only in the subsidiary account, then you need to export encryption keys from the director account and import them into the subsidiary account.