StaffCounter agents and company department’s work settings

In order to obtain the necessary data and device work statistics, you have to correctly configure the work of StaffCounter agents and the schedule of departments of your enterprise

For each department, you can set the following StaffCounter agent operation settings:

General settings

– Record app names
– Record text typing statistics (Windows OS, macOS, Linux)
– Set the interval for loading data in the cloud or on-premises server. (Default: 10 minutes).
– Record microphone sound (Windows, macOS)

PC settings

– Records web usage statistics;
– Show the StaffCounter icon in the status bar or system tray;
– Allows users to view reports online;
– Allow user to stop/resume monitoring;
– Record window titles to track projects;
– Deep monitoring (Windows OS only);
– Time between webcam snapshots (min)- (0 – don’t make);
– Time between Screenshots (min) -(0 – don’t make);
– Blur screenshots for higher confidentiality;
– Sound threshold level (0-100) / (Windows OS, macOS only);
– Downtime of an employee, after which a pause begins (sec);
– Log all users on the PC;
– How many days keep logs on the employee’s PC (0 – don’t keep).

This option is designed to be able to show or hide the StaffCounter program icon in the system tray.

If you do not show the icon, then the following options will also not be available to the user:
– stop/restart monitoring;
– view your own performance report;
– information about the data that the program collects;
– forced update of program settings from the server.

In order to enable/disable the display of the StaffCounter icon in the system tray, go to the settings, and specify the desired value in the parameter:

Show StaffCounter icon in the status bar or system tray.

Working days must be specified so that StaffCounter correctly determines overtime hours and sends reports.
Working days.

In order to StaffCounter correctly counts lateness, breaks, and overtime the working hours must be specified. Also, the time of the report by Email receipt depends on when the department finishes work. Reports come 1-2 hours after the department end work time.
Working hours.

A minimal working day is necessary in order for the StaffCounter system to count this working day as worked, otherwise, it will be considered a missed day, and notification of employee malfunction on that day will also be sent to the employer Email.
Minimal working day.

Holidays must also be specified so that StaffCounter correctly reads overtime hours and sends reports.

In order to keep abreast of the events of the work of departments, without going into the StaffCounter system, the manager can set up receiving daily, weekly, and monthly reports to his email, as well as notification of violations. The owner of the account in StaffCounter can optionally add an email to department managers to receive the necessary reports.
Reports come 1-2 hours after the end of the work of the department specified in the schedule settings.
Setting receiving reports by Email.

For each employee, you can specify when he goes on vacation. This data is necessary so that the accounting system does not consider these days as time off and does not send reports of violations in the work of this employee.

Vacation schedule.

For each department, you can set which categories of the following will be considered:
– productive;
– neutral;
– not productive.

Next, you can bind each application in which the employee worked to one of the categories. This is necessary in order for the StaffCounter system to generate a report on how productively the employee worked – a productivity report.

Setting Productivity Categories.

In this section, you can configure which category the application in which the employee worked belongs. This is necessary in order to get the correct report on the productivity of an employee or department.
If you do not specify anything, then all applications will fall into the category – “Without category”

Also in this section, you will be able to sort applications into categories according to another, if something has changed in the work of the company.

The same application can be in different categories, for different departments, since this application (for example, YouTube) uses one section for work and the other department for entertainment.

Setting Productivity Categories for Applications.

You can grant permission to view the analytics of your department/employees to other users of the Staffcounter project or get this permission.

This is necessary so that, having all employees in one account, its owner could provide permission to view the data of a particular department to another company employee, for example, the head of this department.

On the employee log page, you can download a backup copy of everything that StaffCounter Agent collects for this employee:
– Logs by day;
– Files (screenshots, cam shots, Audio Files).

 Ability to download an archive of all activity.