Access to own performance report

In order for an employee to see a report on his work, it is necessary to enable the following options in the settings:

Show StaffCounter icon in the status bar or system tray. Allows users to view reports online.

After that, an employee will be able to open and view a report on his own productivity through the system tray icon in his browser.

Access to own performance report.

What the report on the employee’s own productivity shows:

    • Total active time
    • Beginning of work
    • End of work
    • Productivity
    • List of employee’s own breaks for the current day

For each break, the employee can indicate what exactly was busy with it. If this break was related to work, then the manager can see a description of the break and add this break to the employee’s “working hours” for that day. Thus, this break can “turn” into working hours.