Productivity report

The productivity report shows what each employee spent their time on.
What applications and sites he used in his work, as well as how much of his working time can be considered productive, neutral, unproductive, or uncategorized?

Using the filter, you can set the start date and end date of the viewing period, as well as select data for a specific department or employee.
Most often, managers use data for a week or a month.

The report is presented in two blocks:

Bar Graphs with productive, neutral, and non-productive time or time without a specified category;
Table of applications and sites in which the employee worked for the selected period.

The table is divided into categories:
– productive applications,
– neutral applications,
– unproductive applications,
– uncategorized applications

Each application has a name and shows how much time an employee spent working in it for a specified period of time.

Productivity report.