Email reports

To receive reports, in the settings for your account, it is necessary to check the receipt of a daily, weekly, and monthly report.

This report includes the following sections:
– Total working hours of the department;
– Employees’ productivity;
– Most used Apps and Websites;
– Employee’s discipline summary.

Total working hours of the department

This table shows the department’s hours of work for the period, depending on the report (per day, per week, per month), where it is indicated:
– How many working days an employee worked;
– How much time the employee worked, as well as time by category (productive, neutral, unproductive, without a category)
– How much an employee worked on average per day for the total period.

Employees productivity

This table indicates:
– 5 most used applications by the employee (name and time);
– The number of characters typed during the reporting period;
– Dialed characters by an application.

Most used Apps and Websites

The table provides data on frequently used applications and sites, divided into categories, indicating the time worked in them:
– productive;
– neutral;
– unproductive;
– no category.

Employee’s discipline summary.

This shows the total time of late arrivals and overtime for the period for each employee.

Daily, weekly, monthly reports.

This report is generated from the log data of each user and sent to the manager by email.

Employee log.

This report informs the head of the company which sites the employee visited, as well as what search queries he made during the reporting period.

The report consists of:
– Table of Ranking of visited sites. Here is a list of all the sites that the employee visited, indicating the time and number of visits;
– Query table in the search bar. Here is a list of queries and the number of each.

Internet usage.

This report informs the head of the company in which applications or programs the employee worked during the reporting period.

The report consists of:
– List of applications in which the employee worked;
– The duration of the employee’s work in each application;
– The number of times the employee started each application.

Applications usage.