StaffCounter for Linux

Compatibility: Ubuntu 12-18

What is it?

StaffCounter Agent is a tool for monitoring a user’s actions at a computer, designed especially for the StaffCounter time-tracking service. It helps overseeing employees and how they work at the computer.
Managers can view an analysis of this data at the StaffCounter website at any time.
The program requires a constant internet connection. Thanks to our analytics service, even the busiest managers can check on what their employees are up to at their computers in just a couple of minutes.
The agent logs all user activity on the computer and requires only a couple of minutes to set up. It runs in the background and doesn’t put a heavy load on the system.

StaffCounter Agent offers the following key features:

  • it tracks internet activity, titles of active web pages;
  • it takes screenshots at defined time intervals;
  • it logs all applications opened and used, including how long they are actively used;
  • it can be temporarily disabled, so that workers can use the computer for their own personal needs.

Installing the program on computers

Download and unzip the archive into a new folder. In Terminal application execute the following command from this folder:

sudo ./

To launch StaffCounter agent execute a command:

nohup staffcounter &

Now configure StaffCounter:

    • Enter your account at the StaffCounter service. Insert the name on this computer or employee name. Click Register.

If you need to monitor not only current user, but all users on this computer check on the option Auto register all users on this PC.

Deb-package, Archive releases for Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, Report a problem

Download the deb package. Double-click it or in the Terminal application and run the following command:

sudo dpkg -i staffcounter.deb

StaffCounter will be downloaded and installed on the system. To start it run in the terminal:

nohup staffcounter &

Archive releases

For Linux Mint 17:

For Linux Mint 18:


In order to tell us about a problem in staffcounter, you can send us the staffcounter program log files with the command:

staffcounter -l

Remote installation of the program on the computer

Connect to the client using SSH.

Before installation you need to configure the following parameters in the settings file /staffcounter_install/files/staffcounter.conf:

  • adminemail – your account registration email
  • device_name – the name of the client’s computer, which will be seen later in the section “Employees” (by default, the system user name is taken)
  • device_id – need to connect to an existing employee. It can be taken on the main page of our web interface in the “Employees” section.
  • url – change of the address for sending logs, by default sends to If you are using the StaffCounter Local Server, you must change this parameter to the address of your local server.
  • lock=1 -enable functionality Lockscreen (additional window for authentication in the StaffCounter system)
  • idle_time_lock – time in seconds before auto power on Lockscreen (Lockscreen must be enabled for this setting to work.). By default – 2 minutes.

To enable the parameter you need to remove the “#” character in front of the line.

After that, install the StaffCounter as usual.

How to change interface language

By default the language of the interface is Russian. But it is possible to change it to system languare. Staffcounter applicaiton supports 4 languages: English, Russian, German and Italian. If the system language of your Linux is other one, the intraface will be in English. You can change the interface language before the installing of Staffcounter monitoriung agent.

After the downloading of installation package, unzip it into a new folder. Open “files” folder and edit  staffcounter.conf file. Erase [language] section with the following text. Save the file.

Install Staffcounter agent from this package. The language of the applicaiton will be English if the system language is English.

LockScreen - Monitor Employees in One Account

Our new unique functionality of Lockscreen allows you to automatically launch an authentication window (2 minutes later or after a forced call) to log in to the StaffCounter system. It should be included if several employees work in one system profile and you need to keep track of the time of each of them separately.

Lockscreen dims the screen when you start StaffCounter and does not allow you to perform any actions at the computer until authentication. To enter, you just need to enter the Device ID of the employee, the system will automatically pick it up from the server and start monitoring right away. To pre-add a list of employees, use the function of Invite.

While Lockscreen is running, no employee is monitored, and the log is not sent to the server.

In order for the Staffcounter program to work in Lockscreen mode, you must first create the required number of virtual devices on server.

After that in the settings file /staffcounter_install/files/staffcounter.conf before installation you need to configure

  • lock=1
  • idle_time_lock=120

and install the Staffcounter program as usual. When you start it, the lockscreen window will immediately appear. On the desktop in the area of the clock – you can use the icon StaffCounter – command Exit – to change the employee number.

Can a worker turn StaffCounter off for some time?

An employee can click on the StaffCounter Agent icon in the system tray and pause monitoring for 30 minutes or for the rest of the working day. This time will not be counted as working time.

How can I see log file locally on the computer?

Show hidden files in File manager(ctrl+h). Open the folder Home/.local/share/data/Rohos/staffcounter. There will be a folder named as device ID. There will be logs and screenshots folders. Log files and screenshots are named by date and time, they were taken.

Uninstalling StaffCounter from a computer

To uninstall the program, open the installation folder and type in Terminal the following command:

sudo ./