StaffCounter PRO for Android it

StaffCounter PRO fro Android – a hidden monitoring appicaiton. It is easy to download and install. For Android 4.1 and newer.

Basic features:

  • Logs the employee’s telephone conversations, including the number and the name of the subscriber, as well as the duration of the call;
  • Log SMS text (incoming, outgoing);
  • Log Wi-Fi, USB, SD card;
  • Log opened Applications;
  • Log phone activity periods;
  • Logs GPS coordinates, allowing you to trace an employee’s route over the working day;
  • Writes all activity to a log file and sends it to the server (optional).

Advanced features:

  1. Invisible. KidLogger Pro is not visible in the main Application list by default.
  2. Records calls, you can listen to the audio conversation of in/out coming calls recorded on the target phone;
  3. Tracks the user’s web use, namely the addresses and the amount of time he/she spends on sites.
  4. Tracks photos taken by the phone, you can view the pictures uploaded to your online account;
  5. Ultimate keylogger feature: by using screen text capture or virtual keyboard replacement;
  6. Records incoming and outgoing messages of 11 Messengers: IMO, Skype, Facebook, Line, Viber, Whatsapp, Kik, Hike, BBM, Tango и KakaoTalk.
  7. Records surrounded sound by call from secret number;
  8. Informs about its current location (by SMS request);
  9. Call-back (by SMS request);
  10. Informs about current active application (by SMS request);
  11. Password protection allows to stop unwanted access to StaffCounter settings;

How to prepare a phone for StaffCounter PRO installation.

  1. Disable anti-virus protection for a while, because any monitoring program can be detected as a spyware.
  2. Device Settings–>Security–>Unknown sources (Allow installation of non-Market applications)
  3. You need to other monitoring applicaitons, including free version of StaffCounter monitoring agent, because it is incompatible with StaffCounter PRO.
  4. Uninstall Helper Service, if it was installed before.
  5. Login please your personal account on site;
  6. Go to Download page and download StaffCounter PRO for Android;
  7. Install PRO_agenet.apk

First launching of the application on Android 4.1 and newer:

  1. Open installed application. Here you need to click all these buttons from top to botton to configure and connect the applicaiton to your account.
  2. Click Allow usage data access; Click System Android. Switch on Allow usage tracking;
  3. Go back and click Allow Administration access. Click Activate;
  4. Go back and click Install Support Android. Click Install;
  5. Go back and click Activate Support Android. Switch Support Android on
  6. Go back and click Connect to Server.
  7. Click Select Server to upload. Choose;
  8. Click on Your account. Write your e-mail address, user for the registration on
  9. Go back and click Hide the application icon;
  10. Delete the packages if you don’t need them anymore.
  • To launch StaffCounter PRO control panel, call *123456#
  • To change the settings, click hardware menu button or use menu of StaffCounter PRO applcaiton.
    To change the settings, click hardware menu button or use menu of StaffCounter PRO applcaiton.To change the settings, click hardware menu button or use menu of StaffCounter PRO applcaiton.
  • Click Settings. Configure all features you need. Note, that some menus have sub-menu.
  • Launch please Android menu, Settings, Applications;
  • Find Support Android and uninstall it.
  • Back in Settings, Security, Device Administrators. Uncheck System Android;
  • Back in Settings, Applications;
  • Find System Android and uninstall it. Find Android keyboard and uninstall it as well