Mein Büro: Ihre Dashboard-Ansicht verbundener Computer

This is the main page of your virtual office, where you can find an overview of the selected day. The top left portion shows information about your account type, the length of your paid subscription, the number of devices ordered, and the number of devices used.

Below you’ll see all of the devices connected to your account. For each device you can see at what time work began, the overall amount of working time, as well as the last time the program was paused or stopped on the device.

Below the table with devices you can find a report for your entire department for the selected day.

At a glance you can evaluate workers’ productivity at their PCs for your entire office. Here you can see when each employee began working today, his/her general productivity and the length of working time. By clicking on the name of an employee, you are taken to a log of that employee’s activity, where you can go on to analytics and reports.

Dasboard in StaffCouner